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Pete Conneely

I have 14 years experience as a carpenter and joiner. I completed my apprenticeship at Bowmans and stayed there for 11 years. I then became self- employed for 1 year before joining Claude Smiths 2 years ago. I have completed restoration work in many English Heritage buildings including Chatsworth House, Strawberry Hill in Twickenham, Walcott Hall and Knebworth House. I also have experience in working in new-builds and in bespoke joinery. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and playing football.

Mark Reeds

I have 32 years of Collyweston slating experience. After completing my apprenticeship with JW Stapletons I continued to work for them until I joined Claude Smiths 14 years ago. Over the years I have worked on many prestigious buildings including colleges in Oxford and Cambridge, Burghley and Elton estates and most recently The Round Church in Cambridge. I take great pride in producing work of the highest quality.

Mark Toon

I have been a Collyweston Slater for 23 years, working first for DW Ellis Collweston Slaters before joining Claude Smiths in 2002 and have worked on some wonderful buildings including The Guildhall in London, The Round Church in Cambridge and Stamford Brewery. I love my job and am very proud of my work. In my spare time I enjoy football, motorsports, reading and PC work.

Tom Measures

Started my apprenticeship as a Collyweston slater in 2013. I come from a slating background as my grandfather was a Collyweston slater. I am enjoying my job which takes me to many local places as well as some further afield such as Magdalene College in Oxford. I enjoy the friendly banter my work colleagues give me and have learnt such a lot about Collyweston slating since joining this business. I am starting to lay slates under the supervision of my skilled colleagues. I get lots of satisfaction from my job and looking at the finished product.

Shaun Cummins

I have 30 years’ experience as a Collyweston Slater, firstly as a apprentice for David W Ellis and continued this employment for 17 years then becoming employed by Claude in 2001 after David retired. I have worked alongside English Heritage on numerous occasions and have been part of various roofing projects. I find working in a traditional Skilled area of work very satisfying when seeing the end result. Each job is different which makes my skill more interesting as well as challenging.

Richard Depellette

I have 35 years of experience in Collyweston Slating. I began working as a slater in 1979 for JW Stapletons. I then became a self-employed slater working on a variety of buildings over the years before joining Claude Smiths in 2013. I enjoy meeting different people every day and the job satisfaction from completing a roof the customer is pleased with.

Graham Bailey

I have almost 40 years of Collyweston Slating experience-I left school at 16 and started as an apprentice Collyweston Slater for RJ Spalls Slaters. Apart from a brief spell in a factory and when I had a knee injury I have always been a slater. I enjoy my job and get great job satisfaction from both seeing the end product and positive feedback from customers.

Julian Skerritt

I have worked as a Collyweston Slater’s labourer for the past 3 years both for RD Roofing and for Claude Smiths since 2013. Prior to this I have worked for 20 years in various parts of the construction industry. In my spare time I enjoy shooting, sea and pike fishing and beer tasting.

Luke Bridges

23 year roofer with three years roofing experience and 1 year locksmith and plastering.

Interests are golf, fishing and football.  

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