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Our Projects

Below we feature images for many of the projects that we have completed.
Click on the main image for each project to access the full gallery.

Clare College, Cambridge *Phase 2*

Re-slating phase 2 with new Collyweston slate and reclaimed slate to the remaining 3 sides of the quadrant. Including 78 dormer windows to slate


Old Westbury Gardens, Long Island

A house listed as National importance in the USA and a venue for many Hollywood films over many decades.

Suppling and exporting over 500 Sq.m of New Collyweston slate and fixing in two phases between the Covid pandemic.

Main Contractor Preserv Inc.

old westbury gardens.jpg

Blackthorn Lodge, Lower Benefield

A former farmhouse Grade 2 Listed brought for refurbishment.

Roofs over 200 years old and time for re-slating.


Kings College Cambridge

Complete new supply and fix of new Collyweston slate of approximately 1500 Sq.m

Completed in 12 months.

This roof won the Heritage Roofing category for the UK Roofing Awards 2020 and also the overall UK Roof of the year Award.

Main contractor RG Carter

kings college cambridge.JPG

Mill House Castor

Refurbishment of a Grade11 Listed building.

Salvaging the reclaimed slate and reusing on the rear roof slopes. 

Suppling and fixing New Collyweston Slate on the Front roof slope.

Proctor Roofshield membrane.

The Rooflight Company Neo roof windows.

Laced Valleys.

Lead dormer Cheeks and front.

Main contractor, Linx Construction.

mill house castor.JPG

Gretton Hall

Installing imitation Collyweston slate without planning permission is not a good idea.

Forced to remove and reaffix new Collyweston slate on the grade 2 listed building.

gretton hall.JPG

Upper Benefield

Development of outbuildings and Old Wheatsheaf pub.

Concrete tiles removed from outbuilding and New Collyweston slate supplied and fitted.

Old pub re-slated.

Main Contractor KGBP Construction

upper benefield.JPG

Christ’s College, Cambridge

Phase 1 Re-slating with new Collyweston slate.

Phase 2 to start June 2023 with new Collyweston slate.

Main Contractor Regent Construction

christs college.JPG

Clare College, Cambridge

Phase 1 re-slating of the North Range and west wing.

Main Contractor Cocksedge.

clare college.JPG

New builds St Pauls street Stamford

Slate reclaimed from disused demolished buildings, re-dressed and re-used on the front elevation of the Conservation area street.

UK Roofing award winner 2018 in the slate roofing category.

Main contractor Burghley developments.

st pauls stamford.JPG

Pychley Church

Re-slating the Nave.


Croyland Abbey, Wellingborough


croyland abbey.JPG

Old Hall Mews Cottesmore

Poorly slated a few years prior.

Re-slated properly.

old hall mews cottesmore.JPG

Langham Hall

Water ingress and the wrong lime mortar used with stretched slate.

Re-slated with new slate to make up deficiency.


Mine Rescue Exercise

Mine rescue exercise, pleased to be able to help the emergency services with a venue for exercises.

This exercise was to fill the mine with a smoke, (zero visibility) put out a machine fire and rescue a mine worker overcome with smoke.

rescue exercise.JPG

Collywestion Water Spider

The Collyweston Water Spider. Only a few million years old, found only in the seam of Collyweston stone.

water spider.jpg

Christ’s College, Cambridge *Phase 2*

Christ’s College Cambridge, re-slating phase 2 with new Collyweston slate


Guildhall in London

Re-slated in 10 phases over 10 years in the 1990s by Claude and team.

The largest singular Collyweston slate roof in existence.


Great Cransley Hall

Grade 2 Listed, re-slating of the inner courtyard lean-to roof slopes.


Lloyds Bank in Bourne

The incorrect installation of vermin netting resulted in a re-slate using new slate mixed in with the reclaimed slate.

Main Contractor T and D Group

lloyds bank bourne.jpg

Jack Wills High Street Stamford shop

Re-slating of all the rear roof elevations.

Many holes in the roof as well as many patch repairs, time for a re-slate good for another 200 years.

jack will stamford.JPG

St Stephen Church, Carlby

Re-slating of the Isle and porch.  

st stephen carlby.JPG

Allexton Hall

Part Re-slate of hall and outbuildings.

allexton hall.JPG

Hind Hotel, Wellingborough

Heritage lottery funded.

New Collyweston slate to the Front Elevation and reclaimed slate to the rear slopes.

hind hotel.jpg

Wadenhoe House Lord and Lady Birt

Total re-slate

Main Contractor Peel Restoration (non payment in full client)

wadenhoe house.JPG

Stamford Railway station

Grade 2 Listed building.

Total re-slate.

station stamford.JPG

Elton Chapel


elton chapel.JPG

The Round Church, Cambridge

The Round Church, Cambridge

Re-slating in Cotswold slate.

round church.JPG

Oakham Castle


oakham castle.JPG

Miscellaneous Smaller Projects

Smaller projects using new and reclaimed Collyweston slate.

small proj.JPG

Mine Development & Slate Production

Collyweston slate mine development and slate production.

slate mine.JPG

Photos of Past Times

Old photos of the past.

old times.JPG
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