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Slating Art

Collyweston Stone Slating is a unique and complex craft which uses bespoke tools and terminology.


There are today very few Heritage Roof design artisans in the UK who can undertake this craft.


From the initial freeze-thaw process to the splitting and cliving of the stone, to the chipping and dressing of each unique slate ready for installation on a roof, it is an art in itself even before a slate is laid.


The techniques which are used to then lay these slates and in turn create a water tight and aesthetically pleasing roof rely on knowledge and skills gained over many years’ experience.


Specifically, Collyweston slates are random sized and shouldered meaning the slates’ top corners are angled. Each individual slate has to be laid in relation to the two slates below to give adequate side lap. More importantly they must provide adequate lap over the shoulders to prevent leaks.


In practice what the slater does, knowing his slates intimately, is lay a suitable pair of slates to receive the next slate in the next course.


This is what makes Collyweston slating an art and the slater an artisan in his own right.

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